#asappupdates MFW (Milan Fashion Week) Part 2

The always classy, elegant Fendi takes a turn this season, I'm not saying in the opposite direction but it is quite different. This collection reminds me of snakes, the different textures seen throughout the collection, some very obvious and some not so to the point, but never the less resemble in some way, the skin or texture of the skin of snakes.
The over sized items where not out of the picture, as well as the "sporty" factor, that on this case takes a more casual meaning rather then "sporty" for say. A very "moody" collection in terms of colors and textures; the color paled stays on the darker side with some neutral sightings. Metallic's and leather are very present as well as degradé fabrics.
A collection for a modern young man, who's very fashion forward.


Louis Vuitton

Prints, stripes and scarves...
The ever so elegant Loui V house, is not one to disappoint. This season showcasing a variety a prints  and shiny fabrics. Silk, leather and even some texturised denim make quite a statement on the garments.
Whilst the color paled stayed mostly on the blues, some color was shown as well in printed details or asymmetrical stripes in some of the garments.
A very sleek, casual collection a modern men, loose fits for comfort that the young demographics will appeal to.


Stripes and geometric shapes...
For Ferragmo it was all about the contrast of geometrical shapes and elements and the color black, one of my very favorites by far, the use the black or obscure "background" so to speak, and the contrast made by the use of geometrical shapes in colors and stripes.
A stylish collection for the casual, stylish young men of today, the perfect contrast between the suits and shirts and sneakers or sandals, along with coats or jackets with T's and shirts, it makes for the perfect combination between casual, modern and stylish.
The risqué move done by the use of the shapes and colors was very well accomplished, it does not seem childish, but it does give a fresh youthful look the collection



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