#asappreads Bookworm : A Midsummer Night's Dream - William Shakespeare

Even though it is a little challenging at first  to read Shakespeare, mostly because of the antique English vocabulary he used, it is very re guarding to do so. You learn a bit more about English literature , composition, and overall history and evolution of the modern theater.
My copy of the book in particular is a revised version from Signet Classics, which I highly recommend, it comes with a series of helpful elements that will help you to better understand the play, and Shakespeare's writing and his overall methods and techniques.
Being the hopeless romantic that I am and a fan of the classics and theater, I had to read his plays. Shakespeare is the perfect author to go to when it comes to dammed lovers scenarios. Even though I have only read two of them, and no, Romeo and Juliet is not one of them.
Today I'd like to tell you guys a little about "A Mid Summer's Night Dream"
I Started my classics venture with this book which is a bit complicated so I advice you to start with Hamlet or actually Romeo and Juliet. This book is a bit more intricate and complex in a way.
The story is a about two couples: Lysander and Demetrius are the male leads and  Hermia and Helena. There is a dispute between this 4, both Demetrius and Lysander love Hermia, but Hermia's Father wants her to marry Demetrius and she loves Lysander, Helena whom is Friend's with Hermia Loves Lysander as well but he has no interest in her, in fact not him nor Demetrius have any interest in Helena.
Hermia's father goes to the Duke to settle the problem and he commands Hermia to obey her father's wishes, who have only her best interest at heart, she of course refuses and plans to meet up with Lysander in the forest at night to run away.
Inside the forest the fairies make a few mistakes trying to play a joke on each other and make both Lysander and Demetrius fall in love with Helena. The whole mess makes Hermia "sick" (so to speak) as she decides to run away on her own when she accepts her fate to be alone and Helena just can't believe them both suddenly love her and thinks she been taken as a fool.
The Fairies fix the mistake they made and it all ends up in the most gallant way, They decide to take things as they are supposed to and they all and up with their respective pairs. As they all awake from their sleep they head to palace, confused and trying to make sense of the "dream" They all think they had, and them they inform the duke they will do as they are told.
The play is quite good, you will enjoy it and learn more then a few things in the process.


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