#asappreads Bookworm : Julie & Julia

I won't lie to you, this book took a bit of time for me to actually read it through, and it's not because of this length (which is bellow average actually -400 pages) but rather because it prove a little hard to read, I know I'm provably making no sense, but let me explain...
I got this book a long time ago in a random shopping spree, I got into a recently opened book store and got this particular book amongst others; I got this one because I was developing a new found love for cooking and I kinda had seen the movie already, but I never saw it from start to finish, so I figured why not get it?..
Anyways long story short I got home and started reading it, but for some reason or other, it was just not getting my full attention, so I put it down... This happened more times then I can count over the course of the next few years. it was not until June of this year (2015) that I decided to give it another try, just to get it out of the way and finally scratch it from the list you know...
They say there's a perfect time for everything... well this book is the example of that statement, it was all about timing! The book is actually quite funny and some parts are really hilarious, you might wanna have a dictionary nearby though, 'cause it will come in handy, and not just for the french terms.
For those of you who have seen the movie, as most movies based on books, it doesn't do it justice, even though Meryl Streep's  in it :s If you are struggling to find something you wanna do or something of the sort you wanna read this book, the author is quite the character, she comes up with some very funny remarks, and let's just say she's not very tongue tied.
For those of you who like cooking or culinary arts or any of the related even though this book might seem like the perfect fit, it is actually not, its not a cook book and the author won't take you step by step into mastering french cooking, so don't get it for that reason, but if you wanna have a laugh, and maybe relate to someone this is the book for you. Also if you blog, are not sure what to do with your life, feels discouraged or tired, you might wanna grab a copy, careful its not a self seeking book or a spiritual mediation one but it might help you a bit in finding the way or a way.
A very brief review,
The book is actually about a 29 year old woman who worked many temp (temporary) jobs in the US, she's on the edge of turning 30 and the world seems to falling apart for her (sort of) she decides she needs a project and so she decides to take on a challenge, she takes the book "Mastering The Art of French Cooking" and sets herself to finish all the recipes in it, in 365 days or a year.
Along the process she stumbles, she gets frustrated from time to time, but she finally accomplishes it (spoiler alert :p) and finds the most regarding and learning experience.
You get to see her intake on life family and friends, the government of the United States and some other people that get along the way, including Julia Child of course.
Anyways give it a read, it might be difficult at first, like I said its all about timing so it might not feel good the first time but you definitely wanna read it eventually.


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