#asappreads Bookworm: The Best of Me

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but in case I haven't you guys must know I'm a hopeless romantic, I love reading romance novels and impossible love stories (Don't judge me) and that is way Nicholas Sparks is one of favorite writers.
Today I wanna talk about one his most underrated books: "The Best Of Me".
It is a love story of course, between a poor guy "Dawson" that comes from a very problematic (to say the least) family, and a wealthy girl "Amanda".
Story goes a bit like this: despite all their differences they become friends and lovers, High school sweethearts if you will, 'till there comes the day they most part ways, because of Dawson's family and hers of course.
Amanda goes of to college and meets a guy she ends up marring later on in her life, they have 3 kids together, one of them dies at a very young age and that leaves a scar in the family, they have an overall great life and she considers herself to have a happy life.
As for Dawson he ends up in jail after he accidentally ran over a renown doctor in town, but his family being his family he has a reputation just for his last name, even though he's nothing like them at all. He later gets out after his sentence and goes to work in an oil ridge.
After a while they both receive a note, notifying them of the death of a dear old friend that took Dawson over when he ran away from home in his teen years. They both are required to attend an appointment with the lawyer and he informs them what most be done now. after all those years they reunite just like that and it is of course a bit strange for both of them, eventually they end up inevitably rekindling their long lost love, that was never lost but rather taken from them, but Amanda has a family and responsibilities to attend to, and despite the fact that she's been having troubles with her actual husband for a while now, she makes the decision to go back home despite her feelings for Dawson. When she's on the way home her husband calls her and tells her he's been into a car accident and her son is badly injured in the hospital, this news just brake her down and guilt fills hers veins, a millions thing going over her head, anger, guilt, etc.
She later finds out her son was actually picking up her drunk husband from a club and that his condition is far worst than foretold, doctors later tell her he will new a heart transplant.
During all this time Dawson has been having problems of his own back in town with his cousins, who have been trying to kill him in order to get revenge for the past.
Here comes the tricky part and I really don't wanna spoil this for you guys, by now I'm pretty sure you guys must have figured out what happens, but go ahead and read this book, you don't have to be a hopeless romantic like me to enjoy this book.
The end was very unexpected for me I was very shocked to say the least.
It of course has been made into a film by the same name "The Best of Me" Starting James Marsden, movie is also pretty good and also a bit underrated.
Go ahead and read the book or at the very least watch the movie ;p
Here's the trailer for the movie:


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