#asappspots Teteria Surcagua - Santa Lucia

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Today I'll be talking about one other of my favorite spots, for those of you who live in Tegucigalpa or Honduras you probably have already been there, but for those of you who haven't here's a little bit about: Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia is a little town located on the out skirts of Tegucigalpa, its about a 15-20 minute drive. The Town is surrounded by pine filled mountains of what its called the "la Tigra" National park. Once you get there there are many things you can enjoy, you can take a stroll by the lagoon and feed the ducks or you can do a little paddling inside the lagoon, you can go to the park and sit by and take some pictures and get to see the local people, there's are many restaurants and cafe's you can go to, they all offer many different things that are up to your liking.

Strolling through the town you can see the locals, the stone paved streets that will all take you to one place, the church, not sure of their schedules but I think its only open on Sunday's and special occasions, its a beautiful and simple colonial structure, I'm not an architect so can't really get much into the details but its a lovely structure, inside and out. on the way to the church there are several spots you wanna pay a visit like "El Mirador" there are 2 btw this one is the located in front of the Municipal Office, you get a lovely view of the mountains and Tegucigalpa over there, and there's also the "main" one which you can get to from the central park. Up there, you get the best view since this one is higher, and the sunsets there are quite the spectacle.

There's also many coffee shops but my favorite are the one Mentioned on the tittle of this post: " Teteria Surcagua" and the other is "Tres Puntos".

"La Teteria" is the perfect place to go and isolate yourself, here you'll find peace and tranquility, take a book with you and do a little meditation if you will, not really a big place so it's perfect to go with a small group of friends, it's very private and quiet so its make it the perfect spot to relax and sit back with a cup of tea. (Best tea I've had in town btw)

They offer a small variety of tea's and its main theme it's a mixture between oriental spices and honduran elements in a perfect blend. They also a few pastry options all very good, Tiramisu is my favorite, you might wanna try that, I Also recommend the "Estrella" or Coconut Chai tea.

This place is right in front of the church in a corner, a small house, door is always closed so might have to wait a bit and they close early so you might wanna get there with time.

"Tres Puntos" is right before you go down hill to the church but you might wanna leave this spot for after you go to the church. Here you'll find quite and peace as well but the vibe is different from "La Teteria" her you can enjoy a nice glass of wine a few snacks sit back and enjoy the sunset. They play nice ambient music and some great hits you might like, occasionally they have bands (all sorts) playing there as well.

This is more a Coffee/Bar type of place in the evenings it makes the perfect spot to enjoy the city lights next to glass of wine or beer and friends.

You can read more about "Tres Pntos" in a prior post I made a while ago ;p

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