#asappspots Hierro, Barro y Verde

Hello dearest Sappers!

Sending good vibes your way, Hope you all are having a great week so far, Today I'll be talking about another of my favorite spots.

"Hierro, Barro y Verde" is a Coffee Shop / Art Gallery / Garden, here you'll find a little bit of everything, you can purchase small plants and pots, hand crafted and painted by local artists. its is also an art gallery so you'll see hanging on their walls, paintings or photographs or other art expressions also made by local artists, their focus is to expose and give artists and art lovers a space to co exist and exchange.

it's also Coffee Shop/Bar/ Restaurant so you'll find something on the menu up to your liking, from sweets and baked goods to burgers other entrees and appetizers. The beverages vary from Imported beers to a nice coffee, tea or soda.

From time to time they host special events with musicians or some other artists such as painters or so, they also host other nightlife events such as parties.

The place like its name suggests it filled with those elements which translate to Iron: Hierro, Mud: Barro and Green: Verde, those are the elements you'll find here, most of the furniture is made out of crafted iron as well some of the decorative elements, some others are made of baked mud know as "artesanias" or handcrafted basins and such, and of course greenery and lets not forget the art and cultural element that surrounds these beautiful place.

Here you'll find tranquility and someone to talk to and share the experience, probably you'll make some new friends as well. The staff will tend to your needs most attentively and kindly, definitely a place you will enjoy overall and that will make you wanna come back.

'Till next time Folks! See ya around!


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