#asappmusic Pretty Girls Video!

Hello Sappers! if you guys are huge Iggy Azalea's and Britney fans like I am, then you must just as exited for this, the video for Pretty Girls the long awaited  Britney - Azalea collab has finally dropped today!

At first I did not like much the song I must admit, I think I might have been to exited and was probably expecting something else, but it's a "pretty" catchy song, so, and now that I've seen the video, which is really good and FYI co directed by Iggy, I just couldn't help but love it!, it really is great, a full 80's-90's vibe, with the customs and hair and the whole alien theme of it.

Britney plays the pretty, popular barbie type girl (Totally) and Iggy the "alien" that gets the make over by Brit. Their chemistry on camera is amazing, they are good at acting because it really seems like they have been friends forever and known each other a really long time, its all very bubbly and "plastic" but its amazing

I Really do like it, so you guys go check it out and tell me what you think!


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