BookWorm: Fifty Shades Of Grey

Hello sappers!! hope you're having a great week so far. So, for the tittle on this post, I guess you all know what I'm going to be talking about in it... as you may know this valentine's day is fast approaching, and this year all of us loners will have something to do XD 

The Fifty Shades Of Grey movie will be premiering this valentines day and I am really looking forward to it. 

Let me tell you that I was very defiant to read these books at first, i thought it was pretty silly to be reading something like that, but a couple of friends talked me into it, and I ended up reading them, although not all of them, I only read the first one and like 3/4 of the second book: "Fifty Shades Darker", this because it kinda got very repetitive and I sort of figured what was going to happen at some point ,so I got bored with it, also its more of a girls book and this point on the second book I had enough.Don't get me wrong now, the first book I devoured, it was very good, it has a great plot and it keeps you on edge and interested.  

The book is not as explicit as you may imagine if you haven't read it, which was the reason i refused to read it at first but go ahead and do it, I didn't wanted to read them because I thought it was very "porny" and sexual but its not like that, I mean of course it has very explicit parts, but its not so extreme, what makes it a little out there it the fact that "sado" is very much a part of the whole series, but it is not as explicit as you may think, and its not just sex it has a very romantic plot which was actually what I liked about it, I'm a sucker for impossible love or romance novels in general and this exactly what it is... at first anyways... haha (spoiler alert) 

But anyways the books are really good, and not as explicit, I think the first one is the most explicit, one so if you make it through the first one your done, so go ahead and read them you still have time and trust me when I say you still have time, cause you will read it in less then 10 days ;)

The movie looks really good, although I still have issues with the casting, but we'll see how it works, here's the trailer in case you haven't seen it:


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