72nd Golden Globe Awards 2015

Hello sappers! it's been a while since my last post, which actually was last year, well come to think of it, it really hasn't been that long, anyways, Happy 2015, hope you all are having a wonderful year so far and I wish you guys can accomplish some, if not all of your dreams this year, best of luck!. Now, there's been a lot going on this year so far for me, so I couldn't decide where to start with my posts, but I finally choose to start with the awards season, which is already started this past Sunday January 11th with the magnificent Golden Globe awards.
As you know the Golden Globes pretty much dictates the whole awards season, both fashion wise and awards wise of course. it was such a big night, so many highlights to talk about, but lest start with the fashion.

I predicted earlier on that same evening that black and white and classic beauty would rule the carpet and I was somewhat right, actually pretty much right. White was a mayor trend on the carpet and so where the many bright colors I was pleasantly surprised to see. Yellow had a mayor impact on the carpet this year, and so did many other colors I was not expecting to see, but it was definitely very refreshing from all the monotony we saw last year.

 Kate Hudson, Versage / Felicity Huffman, Lorena Sarbu / Salma Hayek, Alexander Mcqueen / Emily Blunt, Michael Kors / Louis Dreyfus, Narciso Rodriguez / Source Getty Images, Invision AP & Wire Image

Jenna Dewan, Carolina Herrera / Naomi Watts, Gucci, Leslie Mann / Source: Getty Images, Invision AP & Wire Image

Hair went from easy effortless waves to old Hollywood glam do's, make up was also very classic shades and not big statements really. Freshness ruled the carpet.

The classic red was also a big trend, one that's not going away any time soon, some Red carpet divas made the most out their gowns.

 Heidi Klum, Versage / Taylor Shilling, Ferragamo / Catherine Zeta Jones / Allison Williams, Armani Prive Source: Getty Images, Invision AP & Wire Image 

Lena Dunham, Zac Posen / Source: Invision AP

Shimmery gowns were also a big trend on the carpet, from a stunning winner Julianne More in a Custom made Givenchy Gown with feather details on the bottom to the gorgeous Reese Witherspoon in an impeccable Calvin Klein design.

Sienna Miller / Source: Getty Images

 Diane Kruger / Source: Getty Images

 Julianne More, Givenchy Couture / Source: Getty Images

 Kate Beckingsale, Ellie Saab / Source: Invision AP

Reese Witherspoon, Calvin Klein / Source: Getty Images

In terms of design houses I must say the Versage house made the greatest impact on the carpet with many incredible designs on all types of actresses, we saw soft classic ensembles like Amy Adam's dress to modern, daring dresses like Kate Hudson's and always dashing Jane Fonda's ensemble. 

Amy Adams, Versage / Source: Wire Image

Kate Hudson, Versage / Source: Invision AP

 Jane Fonda, Versage / Source: Getty Image

This where by far my favorite ones, with the exception of my favorite one of them all, and a total surprise for me cause I was definitely not expecting to say this but she simply blew me away, she was perfection from head to toe with impeccable hair and make up that highlighted her every feature and a gorgeous Monique Lullier gown that made her look like the fairy tale princess she portraits in her latest film "Into The Woods" I'm talking of course about the lovely Anna Kendrick, she looked stunning, breath taking really.

Anna Kendrick, Monique Lullier / Source Wire Image

The risk takers, some stars of course there to make a difference and these stunning A-List ladies sure did it right

 Cindy Crawford, Versage / Felicity Jones, Christian Dior / Katie Holmes, Marchesa / Jessica Chastain, Atelier Versage / Source: Getty Images, Invision AP & Wire Image

 Emma Stone, Lanvin / Source: Invision AP

Lorde / Source: Getty Images

The always lovely Melissa Mcarthy sporting a re-styled design from her own creation with the help of t her stylist looking georgeous

There were of course some mishaps like Lana Del Rey, Keira Knightly and Dakota Johnson from the upcoming "Fifty Shades of Grey". Del Rey and Johnson, I was looking forward the most to see on the carpet, since this would be kind of their first big red carpet event to attend to, and they were both mayor disappointments, Lana I'm not sure whats shes was thinking but I was expecting full on old Hollywood glam from her and she did not deliver at all, Dakota had so much pressure on my opinion to make a statement on this carpet since her movie is coming out this valentines day but she failed miserably, although she was on trend with the shimmery dress, she was way of the wagon, her hair was just not right and the make up did no help her at all, I would recommend her to get another stylist pronto!. and then we have Knightly, yes she is pregnant we get it put come on, she is a fashion darling and I don't think the Chanel house made her justice in that vintage ensemble.

 Lana Del Rey / Source: Getty Imgages

 Keira Knightly, Chanel / Source: Getty Images

Dakota Johnson / Source: Getty Images

Source: Getty Images

The Gentlemen as usual rocked classic black tuxes, and some like winner Eddie Redmayne sported a not so classic velvet tux, the always trendy Jared Leto in a impeccable white tux, and the winner Matt Bomer in a deep blue suit.

Eddie Redmayne /  Source: Getty Images

Benedict Cumberbatch / Source: Getty Images

Jared Leto / Source: Getty Images

Adam Levine / Source: Getty Images

Matt Bomer / Source: Getty Images
As for the show and the awards, the show was pretty good, the opening and final monologue (this is the third and last time they host the show) from Tina Fey and Amy Polher was amazing  (as always) but I they kind of only showed their faces at the beginning and them appear from time to time to introduce another presenter, I was expecting a loud bang for this, their final hosting, so that was a bit disappointing, I remember reading at some point a tweet that said: "where did Amy and Tina go I'm getting kinda bored" which I Favorited but did not totally agree on, just cause the awards where so on point, this was I think the first year where i pretty much agreed on every single award that was given away, all but one, the final one, I thought "The Theory of Everything" had the globe on the bag, but along came "Boyhood" and took it home, don't get me wrong, I loved Boyhood, it think I was such a big project  and a personal dream of mine, the movie was shot over twelve years, something I always wanted to happen to see real actors age on screen without having to switch actors, something i thought would never happen, but other then that the story is pretty neat to, and it encloses the troubles and currency of a boys life a definite must see for sure. 

Other then that the show was pretty good the awards were on point, well deserved, I'm looking forward for the Orcars. 'Till then ;)


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