LOTW: Holiday Blues

Hello Sappers! the holiday season is upon us and it is time to start thinking of holiday outfit ideas, now you guys know I'm all about comfort, I like to keep things simple and casual but with a chic classy touch, therefor here is this weeks look.

 When it comes to holidays I always like to wear whites and some darker color to match, usually black or some really deep blue like this one

 A sporty jacket to keep things light and casual, paired up with a classy and trendy Mao shirt. You can always take the jacket off and make the look a little more formal. I like to keep the shirt out, but feel free to grab a belt and tuck the shirt in 

Lately I'm all about tall socks, I've come to realize they are way comfier then normal socks and are perfect for this chilly season, they give you coverage and give your outfits a classy look, try incorporating them to your holiday outfits. and of course a classy and comfortable pair of suedes.

Jacket: Adidas
Mao Shirt: Zara
Jean: Bullhead
Suede Shoes: Fabriano
Accesories: Katya Aguilera


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