#MusicModay: Troy Sivan

Hey guys! Wishing you all a good and smooth week start!
So as you know on Monday’s I take you into my music library, so to speak, and tell you guys of my favorite singers or latest discoveries. This Monday is no exception,  I actually  came across this guy the other day  during one of my infamous YouTube Roaming sessions; he’s actually quite younger then I though because of the things he sings about, but hey, there’s not really an “age Limit” for anything anymore right?

He’s name is Troye Sivan, he’s a South African – Australian YouTube personality, Actor, Singer/Songwritter,  he very recently released his first EP, named after him, “Trxye”. The EP consists in 5 songs, the first one, my absolute favorite from the EP and definitely in the top ten of my all time favorites, it is the first single from the EP is called: “Happy Little Pill”, and well, yes it talks about drugs, cocaine, and sh*t, song is very catchy, dark-ish, its pop but has some hip-hop beats and backdrops to it that make it quite unique and interesting, I actually want to give a shout out to whom ever made the sound mixing on this songs but is amazing!

Over all the EP is quite good, I actually can’t stop playing it, it’s very unique, it’s not a Justin Bieber kinda sound, nor a Justin Timberlake kinda thing, it’s actually quite unique and fresh, Sivan’s voice is quite soft, sultry and velvety, the sound is mainly pop, but like I said before it has some very cool notes of hip-hop, and some synthesizers , and electronic beats that make it a new sound experience without being too Indie like, if that makes any sense.
He’s “style” is very distinctive I wouldn’t classify his sound as “Indie”, it’s a new thing, it has some “Indie”, “New Wave” Elements, but it’s mainly pop with and influence of hip hop.

My Personal Favorites are of course Happy Little Pill, Touch and Fun.

Heres a link to his video Happy Little Pill so you can have a listen



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