iCon: Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen was no doughtily one of the fashion industry most gifted and controversial designers, from his elaborate collections to his extravagant shows and his crazy and polemic life. McQueen gave us some of the greatest designs we will ever get to see on a runaway, a model, and the pages of a magazine editorial or a socialite girl on page six.

Alexander McQueen By Tim Walker
McQueen was no stranger to controversy, he was often criticized for his presentations and the odd and non classical nature of his designs, he was a true artist, a visionary, someone who dared stepped out of his and the industry’s comfort zone.
Mcqueen had a traumatic life and suffered from depression, it was this last the alleged cause of his early depart in 2010 at the young age of 41. His dark never overshadowed the designer he always presented elaborate and innovative designs and his shows, he never failed to entertain the audiences.
L'enfant Terrible
It’s very hard to single out one of McQueen’s collections, but my overall time favorite will always be the 2010 SS Alien- esque collection; everything about it was unique, innovative and original, something that characterized him very well. From the structure of the dresses to the heels, this collection will always be on my mind for so many different reasons.
A. McQueen SS '10
Of course McQueen had so many highlights during his career, like I said before it’s very hard to single one out, I can say without hesitation that I liked everything he put on the runways, it was always interesting to see his shows, always such anticipation to see what was next, to somewhat enter his mind for a brief period of time, and travel alongside his imagination, the I one thing I could not do before I died, was go to one of his shows, it would have been a life changing experience.

His memory lives on, in people’s minds, on museum exhibits, on magazines editorial, and in many closets around the world. His legacy will carry on.


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