Roatan To Do List:Final Road Trip

Hey guys! They say all good things must come to an end, and that’s the case with these series, this is the final article on the musts about Roatan.

First, let’s recap; we’ve been in the most renowned area in the island: West Bay, we’ve done the canopy, grabbed a few bites here and there and had a few cocktails. It’s time we take a little road trip along the island don’t you think, ready?...

I’m going to take you on a side to side road trip, making a stop in every little good spot on the island. Sounds good? Ok!

Let’s start at our last point of reference: West Bay, we’ve talked about the beauty and variety of activities to do in this area, its pristine and calm tropical waters, the many resorts, restaurants and bars to visit. On the end of the road you’ll find a mini mall, you can also get there from the beach you just have to walk down an alley that’s right next to Bananarama, you won’t miss it… so you walk down this alley and you’ll get to this mini mall, there you’ll find Capitan Morgan’s Rentals, they offer a variety of vehicles, compacts, suvs, scooters, and bikes if you will. For the journey we are about to take I would most definitely recommend a car, anything that fits your needs and budget.

Once you have your rental you are ready to go!

Our first stop is not that far actually it’s just uphill, it’s called the Gumbalimba Park, here you can do the canopy, see some wild animals like monkeys and some birds, at the end of the tour you can lay back on their private beach for a while, but don’t get to comfy though, we still have a long way to go…

I’m gonna make a pause here… this little road trip, you may actually wanna split it into a two or three day activity, since there’s so much to see, and even though the island is quite small, you won’t be able to make all of this in just one day. I’m making this just one list of activities because some activities are not for everyone, so you may choose from the list what you want to do.

That being said, shall we continue?...

Ok our next stop is one of my favorite spots on the island, it’s a restaurant/lighthouse, it’s called: “The View” Lighthouse and you’ll see why…

The food here is amazing! One of the best restaurant on the island, they have a wide menu, international and seafood. I recommend you ask for a menu once you get in, take a look, see what you want and place your order, that way while you wait for your food to be done, you can go up to the top of the lighthouse end enjoy the panoramic.

The view up there is stunning, you get a 360° view of the island (the west area) they give you binoculars so you can appreciate the view a little better, with those you can see as far as the Manuel Galvez Airport. You’ll want to be up there for a while, and in no time your food will be ready and you won’t want to get down from there, but do not panic, you can actually sit one floor below and still enjoy a nice view.

Alright it’s about 1:45 now let’s hit the road.

For our next stop we must take a turn cause we are going to the sandy bay area, make sure you have a map with you at all times, the only split on the road is this one where you can take a turn to the west end area which is the one you wanna take to get to sandy bay.

We are now heading to one of the most popular activities on the island, probably the most visited place on the island, and no wonder why it is definitely a must!

I’m talking of course about our native friends the dolphins!, they are in the Anthony’s Key Resort and Marine Research Center. Once there you can choose from several activities to do with the friendly dolphins, you can just watch the show, see them jumping around and doing some tricks for about 20 mins or so, after that show those who choose to are taken on a boat to go and do an encounter, this is a more interactive activity, you get to go in the water with the dolphins (waist high) the trainers tell you a few facts about the dolphins and let you take pictures with the animals which you can later purchase at the gift shop.

There’s also a little museum here so you can check it out while you wait for the show to start.

If you want to take it a little further you can also take a dive or snorkel with the dolphins, you can also do an active swim in which the dolphins take you for a ride to say the least.

All right it should be around 3:30 by now, take your pictures and get ready to hit the road once again cause we are going to the see the crown jewel now.

I’m talking about Roatan’s newest attraction, The Black Pearl Golf course at the Pristine Bay Resort, this golf course was designed by one of the most renown golf course architects in the world; Pete Dye, this is his latest creation, it’s a 18 holes golf course with the latest gadgets to ensure a maximum experience, special grass that can be irrigated with salted water, special greens and amazing sights of the barrier reef.
Now that you hit some balls, its time to head back to your hotel, shower off and rest for the next day.

Day Two

Get up its time to go!

Just kidding don’t rush it, we are actually making a late start today, to recover from last night party :p today we are heading to West End to grab some lunch and the kick start our day of activities.

I recommend the lighthouse here for a good tasty lunch, its right behind the church, it’s a little hard to find the entrance actually so might wanna ask someone for directions.

Time to see some fauna don’t you think?

That’s why we are heading to the Iguana Farm, a protected species among the bay islands, don’t worry they don’t bite, although they are a bit intimidating at first. But there’s a lot more then reptiles here, in the “back Yard” you can see some fish too; it’s quite fun and you can grab a few souvenirs here for the family.

Ok now it’s time to spend some time with nature, for this activity you can ask at you hotel or you can just drive to one of the local communities located in the very east side of the island, here the native take you for a mangrove tour, which is quite the experience, they take you on a motorboat an stroll you through the protected mangroves, which btw are forbidden to cut off or do anything with them for that matter, it takes about an hour or so. Take something to cover up though.

This will leave you  bit hungry even though you didn’t do much, so let’s grab a bite at the Parrot Three Resort that’s close by…

Time to head back and enjothe sunset, the best sunset sights definitely happen over at West Bay, it’s one of my favorite things to do, sit back on a beach chair, relax and enjoy the view while the sun hides away for the day.

Additional Activities

You may also want to visit the first Garifuna Community and natives from the island located at the east end of the island over at Punta Gorda, they make shows for groups, you can enjoy some native cuisine, and see how the natives live.

Caribe Sky Canopy
I really ca not get enough of this, you can also try this canopy tour it’s a little higher than the others, it has certified security measures, and the view is striking

If you want take some cool souvenirs home you might want to check the stores on the town center. They only open on cruise days though which is usually from Monday through Thursdays, but you’ll have to check the schedule.

Well it’s a very long post, and a lot to take in, hope you like it and take some of this into consideration on your next visit to the island.

See you around ;)


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