Music Update:Black Widow Iggy Azalea Ft. Rita Ora

Hey guys! I'm very exited to share this with you guys, I've been meaning to make a Music Monday report on Iggy Azalea, but something always comes along, sorry about that, I'll make it soon, promise ;)

That being said, I'll sort of give you guys a preview... This week Iggy released her newest video for "Black Widow" featuring the gorgeous and talented Rita Ora. the video is kind of a mini movie, which Iggy describes as a ninja, 70's, Tarantino inspired video. In the first two minutes we see Iggy, a waiter at "Big Wanda's" cafe tend Rita who arrives with her bae, a very obnoxious being to say the least, they get into some sort of altercation with the guy and the owner comes to settle it all up in a very upfront kinda way, it then evolves to become this really cool ninja themed mini film in which Iggy and Rita pursue this guy and try to kill him, in the end a Black widow spider ends up killing him. oh and btw, did i mention Iggy co-directed the video herself... well she did...

The video is about Five minutes long and its worth a watch, I was kind of hoping for more here, but I'll take what i get, there's lost of slow-mo hair flips, close ups and cleavage. The song it self its very catchy, and it's definitely one of my favorites from her debut record "The New Classic". I pretty much love the whole record its very upbeat and fresh and this song is one of those "breaths".

Enough talk, see it for yourself and tell me what you think...


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