#Music Mondays:Seinabo Sey

A new up and coming artist from Sweden, Seinabo Sey, is a new promising Soul –Pop Singer who’s career is just taking off, she became known is 2013 from a remix of her single “younger”, I particularly first her from her a few weeks ago while browsing on “tumblr”. 

I heard her latest single “Hard Time” which a dark-ish kinda electro pop song, her vocals are impressive and her look is quite intriguing, not your typical pop singer at all. Ever since I first heard this song I play it over and over again on my iPod, it made to my 25 most played playlist in less than one week, probably took two or three days, since I had a on repeat for hours. This really is a cool song and I love the dark tones it has to it and the unique mix of sounds and vocals that really make this a statement in music. Really looking forward for Sey’s first record.

Make sure you check it out the video for Seinabo Sey’s single “Hard Time” below.


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