Press Play:Bastille


This is one of favorite alternative bands out there, they a foursome British band formed by the lead singer (and songwriter) Dan Smith.

They started releasing singles early in 2012 (April) and their first full studio album “Bad Blood” later in March. It was their hit single, (and now one of my favorite songs of all times) “Pompei” that made them noticeable in the music industry. The song was very well received by the audiences.

Their first record “Bad Blood”, which features 12 songs originally, but I personally got“Bad Blood, The Extended Cut” which features 24 items, including 5 videos to their hit singles. This record is definitely now one of my favorites, from the well written lyrics, the beautiful mash up of instruments, and velvety voice of the singer Dan Smith, this is the true meaning of music, lyrics that tell a story, and they involve you and some you even relate to, the use they make of the music instruments, the vocals, I mean it really is magnificent.

It’s very hard for me to single songs out of this record since they are all very good, it’s a great record from start to end.
The band has been making a name for themselves ever since they first started in 2010, they were a featured band in last year’s iTunes Festival in late October (2013) in which they performed their new single “Of The Night” which is a mash up of the songs “Rhythm Of The Night” by Corona and “Rhythm Is A Dancer by Snap!, this song was a really fresh take that the band needed since their music may be a little in the downers for some. “Of The Night” is a true master piece.

The band later on announced their upcoming album, which was released in November 2013, they called it “All This Bad Blood” it is a double album featuring 12 new songs, and 13 of the previews record “Bad Blood”. Naturally “Of the Night” wasone of the new featured singles, and I had it on replay for like a month, and I still play it when I get lost in my iPod.

Anyhow“Bastille” is definitely a band to watch; they were nominated for this year’s BRIT Awards and won for British breakthrough act. So in case you haven’t heard them. I strongly recommend you do. NOW! You won’t regret it!.


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