Press Play:ARTPOP

ARTPOP By Lady GaGa, Coverart By Jeff Koons
Source: ARTPOP Digital booklet

The pop star’s 4th coming studio album, ARTPOP, in which she inteds to mix pop and art, as she says in a line of the albums firts single "Applause": "pop culture was in art, now art's in pop culture in me" after all gaga is well known for her creative style, is no wonder the pop star is trying to take to the next label with this record.

Released the past November, lady gaga amazes us yet again with this master piece, a combination of pop and electronic beats that will blow your ears and have you dancing for hours.

The album has 15 songs of which my favorits are: Donatella, Venus, Manicure, Aura, Mary Jane Holland, Swine and of course Fashion!.

*All photos obtained from Lady GaGa's ARTPOP Digital Booklet, No copyright infringement intended.


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