Book Worm:Divergent


Divergent, by Veronics Roth / Cover art by Amy Ryan and Joel Tippie

The first book to a trilogy, by the North American Author and New York Times Best Seller, Veronica Roth.
I’m currently reading it myself, and I totally recommend this book, if you read the Hunger Games trilogy you are going to like this saga, it’s a similar concept, it takes place in “futuristic” Chicago, the main character Tris (short for Beatrice) battles within herself to discover her true self, and forge her own path, regardless of what she is told or what people expect from her, all this while discovering some secrets, and finding love along the way. I don’t want to spoil the story so you’ll have to read the books for yourselves.

If you do decide to give this book a chance I strongly recommend to start by the bonus materials in the last pages it’ll help you have a better understanding of the story otherwise you might feel a little lost.
Dive in!


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