Oscars 2014

The night we all were waiting for finally came to reality last night, as expected the show was amazing, host Ellen Degeneres knocked it of the park, show was really funny and easy going and it kept the audience captivated effortlessly. Ellen proves she is not only a humanitarian and good hearted person how gives back to the community but also that she is certainly the best at what she does.
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There were many moments in which she made the audience in the theater and us at home part of the show like the pizza delivery moment, and of course the unforgettable selfie moment which broke the record for most retweeted picture ever and also most favorite tweet in history, a record that will be held for a very long time since it will be a very hard one to top.

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There were many musical performances, each one representing the nominated films, we saw Pharrell sing his hit single “Happy”, a performance of the winner for Best Original Song from the movie “Frozen” of the song “Let it Go” , my personal favorite “Flying On The Moon” from the Best Screenplay Winner movie “Her”. And of course the much talked about tribute to the 75th anniversary of “The Wizard Of Oz”. P!nk was the chosen one to help the academy pay tribute to this great film that’s part of our culture, she took the stage and blew everyone away with a spectacular performance, her voice was inpecable. she wore a beautiful re sequined Elie Saab dress.
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U2 also took the stage to the rhythm of “Ordinary Love” nominated for best song for the film “Mandela”
Now for the winners, to start of the night beautiful Anne Hathaway presented Jared Leto with the Oscar for Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role, a much deserved award for his portrayal of “Ryon” in “Dallas Buyers Club” Jared gave a beautiful speech that made many teary eyed and some I’m sure it even brought them to tears, in his speech he thanked his mother for her bravery and support along his life and career and his brother for his love, friendship and support.  Bravo Jared, Bravo!
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Later on Lupita Nyong’o took the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “12 Years a Slave”. There was no surprise here; everybody knew she was going to win the award. She also gave a very eloquent and emotional speech, in which she thanked the many people who have helped her get her career into place.
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To my surprise “Gravity” took many awards during the show, including Visual Effects, Cinematography, Best Editing, and at least 3 other awards, I stopped counting, lest just say I was not in sync with the academy members on many of those… Alfonzo Cuaron also won the Oscar for Best Directing.
“The Great Gatsby” took the Oscar for Best Production Design, a well deserved award for the costume designers Catherine Martin and Beverly Dunn.
“12 Years a Slave” took the Oscars for Best Adapted Screenplay and the big award of the night Best Movie of the Year.
To my pleasant surprise “Her” took the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay written by Spike Jonze.
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Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar was again taken from Meryl Streep’s hands this year by a much, much more deserving actress, Cate Blanchett, for her magnificent role in Blue Jasmine, a surprise, since all pointed out that Sandra Bullock was going to take the Oscar home, but gladly Cate did, and with it she gave a very candid speech from which I would like to take out one line “The World is Round People” you’ll have to watch the speech for yourselves for it to make sense. Congratulations to Cate Blanchett.
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The much awaited Oscar for Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role (I dare say this year this category was much more awaited then Best Movie) which was a battle between Leonardo Dicaprio and Matthew McConaughey alone (no offence to all the other actors) was finally won by Matthew who took the Oscar home and gave a very motivational speech as he took it. Sorry Leo, yours is coming!
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Let’s talk fashion now. First off, the boys, for a change.
White was the color for many this year, I’m talking about Oscar winners Jared Leto who looked dazzling in a white Saint Laurent tuxedo paired with a burgundy bow tie and his distinctive ombre locks, and Matthew McConaughey who also sported a white tuxedo pair up with a black vest and matching bow tie.
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Others opted for a classic look, and honestly the all classic black tuxedo never hurts anybody. although Zac's might need a little tailoring...
Bradley Cooper/Tom Ford, Zac Efrom/ Calvin Klein, Josheph Gordon Levit/ Calvin Klein
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Some were a little more daring and choose differently from the color paled. Kevin Spacey went in a very youthful deep blue Burberry Tux.
Kevin Spacey/Burberry
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It was Pharrell who might’ve been a little to daring for the Oscars in a cut off tuxedo which was knee length, I personally liked it, I’ve always wanted to see something like this on a red carpet, but this would have been more appropriate at the Grammys. 
As for the girls I must say I was a little disappointed I was expecting big gorgeous gowns, but they kept it very simple and chic.
Blue Hues, Fashion darling Lupita Nyong’o once again blew away the whole world in her beautiful baby blue Costume made Prada dress , she said the color reminder her of home. Sandra Bullock and Amy Adams Both looks stunning in their navy blue gowns.
Lupita Nyong'o/Prada, Sandra Bullock/Alexander McQueen, Amy Adams/Gucci
Source: Invision AP
Black was the big hit of the night, stars like Julia Roberts, gorgeous Charlize Theron, pregnant Olivia Wilde and many others choose a classic black gown.
Julia Roberts/Givenchy Houte Couture, Olivia Wilde/Valentino, Glenn Close/Zac Posen, Charlize Theron/Dior
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White couldn’t be left out, beautiful Naomi Watts look stunning in a embroidered white dress, and the amazing Meryl Streep went In a costume made Lavin white and black ensemble.
Naomi Watts/Calvin Klein, Meryl Streep/Lavin
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The always stunning and beautiful Emma Watson sported a very simple black shimmering dress, while gorgeous Anne Hathaway looked amazing in a crystal studded gown.
Emma Watson/Vera Wang, Anne Hathway/Gucci
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Of course shimmery sequined embroidered gowns were not missing on the carpet Winner for Best Actress in a Leading Role Cate Blachett wore a beautiful design by Armani and her co-star an fellow nominee Sally Hawkins in Valentino.
Cate Blanchett/Armani, Sarah Paulson/Elie Saab, Sally Hawkins/Valentino
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Donatella’s designs from her latest collection walked down the red carpet hugging Lady GaGa’s and Kate Hudso’s Curves, both looked stunning.
Kate Hudson & Lady GaGa both wearing Atelier Versace
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Black Dalia, star from the nominated “Wolf of Wall Street”, Margot Robbie went a little too dark she looked like the girl from the adams  family all grown up.

Margot Robbie/ Saint Lauret
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The show was amazing, Ellen did an amazing job, and there were many memorable moments, this will be a year to remember for sure!


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