Victoria Beckham Fall/Winter 2014 New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NYMBFW

Victoria Beckham does not disappoint, once again the fabulous Posh gives us another unique, chic collection. For us the lovers of simplicity, this is heaven! Victoria yet again delivers gorgeous ensembles with very simple yet intricate cuts and details like golden chains and sheer, and this time she is a little more playful in her designs, adding voluminous details to some of her garments, and some other she gives a Van Gogh kinda touch, with tri-colored prints.

Photos by: Imaxtree
This is a very English collection, some of the garments were very English - chic, oversized sweaters with long skirts (black of course), perfect for a wintery day in London.
Photos by: Imaxtree
This time she surprises us by losing the stilettos (not completely, don’t worry) and she adds some comfy oxfords, which helps to complete this English-simple-chic look.

Photos by: Imaxtree
This collection was perfection! Posh is definitely one of my favorite designers, thanks god she decided to do this for a living. God Save The Queen!


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