Oscar Nom. Movies Review

So the Oscars are only a few days away and I thought to give you guys my review on the movies that got nominated, I’m doing this in order from favorite, to not so much…
First of all I need to say that I am very excited that Ellen Degeneres is hosting the show, so that should be quite a show.
And the nominees are: (for Best Movie)
American Hustle
Captain Phillips
Dallas Buyers Club
12 Years a Slave
The Wolf of Wall Street
Alright here is my top 10:
N° 1 Dallas Buyers Club
A really interesting an captivating story about an all American Texan man who is a womanizer, drug addict, alcoholic and homophobe (Matthew McConaughey)  who is diagnosed with HIV (AIDS). He refuses to believe he has the virus because he thinks only homosexuals get it, the news quickly spread around town and in no time his friends reject him because he has the decease. At the time a pharmaceutical company is developing a treatment and has decided to make trials in his town, and so he tries to get the medicine but he is denied access to it. As a result he goes back to the drugs and alcohol until he comes to his senses and decides that he doesn’t want to die, therefore he comes in contact with a male nurse at the hospital and illegally buys the drugs that are undergoing trials as a treatment for AIDS, but he still mixes them with alcohol and drugs so the effect is weakened. When the nurse is unable to get him more pill he nearly dies and is taken to the same hospital where he meets a transsexual (Jared Leto) who is undergoing the treatment trials, and discovers he sells half of his treatment to someone else who is paying him and offers him money so he would split it in three, he of course refuses to do so. As his life is literally on the line he decides to look for an alternative and goes to Mexico to find a Doctor who does an alternative treatment with experimental drugs, and this is how he stars “The Buyers Club” he sees an opportunity to help people and make money at the same time and offers, he then allies with the doctor and the transsexual and they become partners. They sell a membership offering the subscribers unlimited drugs for a certain subscription fee. The business picks up and he is persuited by several organizations and has to find his way through it, and so he does until his partner and now friend “Ryon” the transsexual dies.

If any of the nominated movies were to win the Oscar I would surely give it to this movie, great story, the characters are rich, and the development is great. Sadly I think “12 Years A Slave” will take this one home. On the bright side Jared Leto Will No doubt take the Oscar home, and Matthew has a big shot of taking it to.
N° 2 Her
It takes place in the near future, and it is basically a story about a guy (Joaquim Phoenix) who’s undergoing a divorce with his former wife (Rooney Mara) and falls in love with a super advance OS (operative system). A company develops this super advance OS (Scarleth Johanson) that is capable of almost anything as it develops and adjusts to each individual needs. (Imagine a super advance Siri). Society at the time is basically controlled by voice commands systems, so this OS is a breakthrough, thing is that the OS’s turn out be too smart and start developing real human emotions so of course this creates an issue, not like a apocalyptic thing were computer take over the world or something like that, the complete opposite, the OS’s decide to shut themselves out for good leave things as they were, because they find themselves altering people’s lives too deeply.
It’s a really nice movie I personally think the concept is not so far from the reality and that’s why is my second best, even though it’s only nominated in two categories
N° 3 August Osage County
Even though this movie is not nominated for best movie I personally think it should the story is quite interesting and the performances by Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts (for which they’re nominated) are outstanding. Meryl is soo good I was literally glued to the screen within the first 3 minute of the movie I really hope she get the Oscar for this one although darling Lupita Nyong’o is most likely the one who will the golden statue.
Anyhow the story is about a troubled family, Meryl plays the mother who’s a little crazy, but that’s only because of the phantoms of her past, and her heavy abuse of prescribed drugs, Julia plays her eldest daughter who lives in another state and is forced to pay a visit to her mother’s house after her father disappears, now this is not such rare behavior since he does this from time to time to escape from his eccentric wife, its after a few long hours that police deputies find his body in a near lake, they later on discover that it was a suicide. At this tragedy the whole family is summoned to the Osage County for the funeral, this instead of bringing the family together brings them further apart as they discover some more dark secrets long kept.
N° 4 Blue Jasmine
Another one that is not nominated for best picture, still is a very interesting and yes funny story, is about a unstable woman (Cate Blanchet) how is married to a guy that is involved in some weird business, she decides not to pay much attention to her husband’s affairs as she is very well occupied spending her money and keeping a social status, she has it all. Little does she know her husband is involved in some serious illegal business and even cheating on her with several partners that she later finds out, the police gets to him and she finds herself and her son on the street without a thing, her son flees and lives her completely alone forcing her to go to live with her sister, shes doesn’t really know how to do anything so she tries a few things here and there but fails, she later on meets a guy at a party that turns out to be rich and she tells him that she is an interior designer and so he hires her to redesign a house he just bought , and so they fall in love and she sees her life come back around until someone from her past reappears one day and asks her about details she has kept from him, so when he finds out leaves her, and she finds herself again on the streets and this time without the support from her sister.
N° 5 Philomena
A really touching story about a girl who gets pregnant when she was a teenager and lives in a convent, and the sisters force her and several other teen girls to give away their sons and daughter for adoption. When she grows old her daughter meets a reporter who has recently been fired from his job and finds out he is attempting to write a book, and she tells him her mother’s story and asks him to help them find her mother’s long lost son, he agrees after a while and so they he and Philomena go on a adventure to find her son, they travel to America and find out that her son was a remarkable politician, and just when they are ready to arrange a meeting he finds out her son has died, and that he was gay and died from aids, he also discovers he actually had met the guy on a trip of his when he was a journalist, they find his love partner and find out that he was also looking for her before he died and he actually went to the covent to look for her and that the sisters that had told her they would help her, didn’t. and further more they find that her son has been buried in the convent graveyards all these years. They then travel back to England and go to see the sisters and he gets so mad, and asks then why did they did that, Philomena then forgives the sisters and goes to her sons grave and decides she does want him to publish the book.
N° 6 he Wolf Of Wall Street
It’s basically a “modern” Gatsby only even more extreme and less romantic, a lot actually, the movies is this far back in my list because it was literally exhausting watching it, it’s a little too long and to intense, as far as Leos acting goes yes I think he deserves the Oscar, ‘cause I cannot imagine the effort and exhaustion he had to go through to portrait that character, I mean he most have been really emotionally drown after that. And to see him so calm now during interviews really freaks me out.
N° 7 Captain Phillips
Was really good story developed really great I really hope this guy doesn’t get the Oscar for supporting role ‘cause I’ll be really pissed if he does, but I think Jared’s got it in the bag, that being said Tom Hanks is a great actor and that final scene proves it it’s so intense it really makes you feel like he went through all that mess
N° 8 12 Years A Slave

I honestly don’t know what the fuzz is all about, this movie was a great disappointment, I mean huge, I really don’t get why it has gotten so much attention, but that’s just Hollywood, I mean sure the story is ok, but I don’t know they should have casted different actors cause it was a little hard for me to believe it all with Fastbender there,  and the cameo Brad Pitt makes is just so weird it doesn’t seem like he’s acting at all, it’s like he just got on set and read or said something just to do it, IDK it was really confusing and I at least wasn’t engaged at all in the story, and darling Lupita whom I love (like everybody else) ill keep her in my best dressed lists probably, I mean her acting is good but she barely comes on in the movie, and when she does is not really outstanding what she’s does…
Anyway my main issue with this movie was the actors were far to contemporary for this roles, I did not believe it for a minute I think maybe if they had casted unknown actors this movie would have been a lot better, sad part is it sure will get the Oscar for best Movie and many others, sorry Lupita but this recognition you don’t deserve.
N° 9 Gravity
Another greatly fuzzed movie, and another big question mark, not a thriller at all I felt very unreal to me, Sandra’s Performance was a blur to me, the emotions were just not there, I did not felt the panic or anything else for the matter. Didn’t like it at all.
N° 10 American Hustle
Where do I begin… this movie was awful, I mean seriously why is it even nominated, it was a random movie for me, the story was ok, but forgettable as were the performances, I mean nothing to remember here guys, honestly, and don’t even get me started on Jennifer Lawrence, I think she is just a heavily overated actress, her role in silver linings playbook wasn’t Oscar deserving first of all, and this one is certainly not either, awful movie, do not bother to see it if you haven’t, do yourself a favor.


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