Paris Fashion Week (PFW) Haute Couture

Remember the days when couture meant very extravagant, practically non wearable, super avant-garde garments? …Ah the good all days… well those days are gone! I won’t lie I’m a little sad because during the old couture shows you got to see what was really inside the designers heads. Now given the commercialism and all that, design houses have to think more of what would sell rather than go overboard with extreme creativity, that being said I made a compilation of my four favorite collections, so let’s move on.
Before we start keep in mind that the focus of my blog is simplicity, right, so… I was gladly surprised by the simplicity shown at this year’s mayor design houses couture shows, first of is no other then:
PFW Haute Couture Spring/Summer '14
I don’t even know where to start, valentino show cased a beautiful minimal collection with very interesting details, like a very strong presence of the animal kingdom, he went from ballerina like short tutu dresses with feathered details on the sides, and other animal references like a snake and butterflies, along others.

Photos by: Imaxtree
Then a combination of long sheer and embroidery gowns, some very 60’s like in my opinion, and some others with a very simple silhouette and an embroidered cape with a whole jungle in it to keep it from being too simple. It was truly brilliant.
Photos by: Imaxtree
An then my favorite part, very simple roman like long gowns, very simple cuts and yet very captivating, by far my favorite part of the collection, it takes a lot to make something this simple look as magnificent as Valentino did.
Photos by: Imaxtree
He then evolved this looks into some 60’s knee length caped dresses, and then to some what I describe as tribal or indie like dresses and pant suits in creamy and earthy tones. Later on some dresses with the same 60’s like silhouette but this time in a very African like embroidery which was just marvelous.
Photos by: Imaxtree
To finish of this amazing collection Valentino presented a series of long sheer embroidered gowns which were simply breathtaking.

See the whole collection for yourself here:

Source: Fashion Channel on Youtube

Giambattista Valli
PFW Haute Couture Spring/Summer '14
A more structured collection, yet very youthful. A 50’s inspired collection in which Valli used a range a fabrics and colors for a young clientele.
He went from short girly dresses, some embroidered with different colored flowers, pointy metallic pumps and accessories to match and very minimal makeup.
Photos by: Imaxtree
Then moved on to a combination of short and long dresses with leathery sequin details and again flower embroidery.

Photos by: Imaxtree
Valli finished off with long black and yellow silk and nude tulle like gowns that were majestic.
I'll let the collection speak for itself, watch it here:
Source: Fashiontv on Youtube / Credits in video

Atelier Versace

PFW Spring/Summer '14
“What do you wanna wear this spring?, what do you think is the new thing?, what do you wanna wear this season?”
“I wanna dress you up in silk, taffeta, tailor this clothes to fit your guilt’s, what’s your size?”
I had to quote Lady GaGa on this one, from her song “Donatella” from her latest record ARTPOP.
Get your Marlboro Reds out and pop up a bottle of champagne! Donatella Versace Ladies and gentlemen!

“Versace Promises I will Dolce vita” and Dolce Vita indeed we did, Donatella presented us with a glamorous collection, beautiful silk embroidered dresses and pant suits in a range of colors from white, to very pale purple and green, baby blue, purple-ish blue, and of course the classic black

 Photos by: Imaxtree
Hooded dresses inspired by Grace Jones, crystals embroidered gowns and of course some fur.
Photos by: Imaxtree
And my absolute favorite this two tattoo like embroidered dresses, and that metallic looking like skirt! really something dont you think?!
Photo by: Imaxtree
Donatella knows her clientele, she knows what they expect from her and so she gives, this collection was a combination of glamour and sophistication, the amazing detailing and the gorgeous fabrics, a colletion that defines Donatella herself
“It’s so fab!, it’s beyond!” Lady GaGa couldn't have said it better.
Take a look for yourself:
Source: Fashion TV on Youtube / Credits in video
PFW Houte Couture Spring/Sumer '14
I must admit I did not had any knowledge of this brand till this SAG’s where stars like Claire Danes and Laura Carmichael whore gowns from this design house (check out my previous post from the SAG’s here: ), then I did some research and found out some really interesting details that I will be talking about in a future post you don’t wanna miss it!
Ok now back to this year’s PFW couture show, I was blown away most of you probably won’t agree with me but I absolutely loved this collection, it so minimal it’s magnificent.
Photos by: Imaxtree
What’s really interesting in this collection is the layering take a closer look at the pictures an note the circle shapes in some dresses, the way this two people did this dresses so that the layering was perfect it covers what’s needs to covered and showcases in a very sutil way some other areas, it’s quite flawless, I absolutely loved the simple cuts.
Photos by:Imaxtree
When the models where walking down the runway it looked like there was a wind machine at the end of the runway, the dresses moved as the models walked in such an elegant natural way, it was quite the spectacle.
Photos by: Imaxtree
The fabrics they used are so light, which makes this collection perfect for a spring/summer collection.
Photos by: Imaxtree
Look at the full show here:
Source: Fashion Channel on Youtube
Alright Folks thats it! sorry for the long post hope you like this.
for more on PFW Haute Couture Shows go to Fashion Channel or Fashion TV Channels on Youtube
Thanks for reading! ;p


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