Golden Globes 2014

Hi everyone! I’m very excited to kick off this new project, and what better way than the Golden Globe Awards!, ok let’s get started then!

So the GGA took place this past Sunday, and as usual it was fashion madness, but in a god way, I must say I was a little surprised by the choices of many celebs, I wasn’t expecting such minimalism, but being minimalist lover myself, it was a very pleasant surprise!

Emma Watson/Dior, Lupita Nyong'o/Oscar De La Renta, Amy Adams/Valentino
Source: Getty Images By Jason Merrit

The biggest trends of the night as far as colors go were: Nude or Gold, Red and of course the always present, but never boring, black.
Leslie Mann/D&G, Sofia Vergara/Zac Posen, Emma Robets/Lanvin
Source: Getty Images By Jason Merrit
As far as cuts go, we didn’t get to see so much cleavage this year, although of course there some exceptions, but we didn’t see as many strapless as previous years… perhaps the weather has something to do with it…

Jessica Chastain/Givenchy, Julia Robets/D&G, Cate Blanchett/ Armani
Source: Getty Images By Jason Merrit
Anyway, like I said before I was pleasantly surprised by many of the choices, most of the ladies played it safe, and this does not mean it was not memorable, or boring, au contraire, look at new fashion darling Lupita Kyong’o for example, she wore and identical ensemble designed by Tom Ford which Gwyneth Paltrow wore last year, and everyone (including me) was completely blow away by her beauty and elegance.
As for the “risk takers”, (there weren’t many), but the few ones who did take a risk ended up in the worst dressed lists, for example Julia Roberts, who brought back a Hollywood classic trend to wear a shirt under the dress, I personally loved it, I thought it a great choise for her, a classic, classy trend. And then we have others like tv darling Kaley Couco from the Big Bang Theory, who wore a strapless printed Rani Zahkem dress which I really liked, but many critics thought was out of place and a little seasons behind for what I’ve read and hear.
Kaley Cuoaco/Rani Zakhem, Zoey Deschanel/Oscar De La Renta
Source: Getty Images By Jason Merrit
Boys wise, there were no surprises here, classic black tuxedos and bowties, as a guy I dream of the day there is something else to be worn at such events.
Chris Pine/Zegna, Shannon & Jared Leto/ Saint Laurent
Source: Getty Images By Jason Merrit
In general it was a good start for awards season, I’m really looking forward to the next mayor events, Oscars I’m watching you!


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