Dolce & Gabbana Millenials

Dolce & Gabbana has been betting on the "new kids"for a few seasons now, but this year they decided to go all out, embracing the "Millennial Culture". Domenico and Stefano got some of the most influential faces from all over the internet and the globe. 

Many new comer models, that already hold a branded name such as Cindy Crawford's son, Presly Gerber & his friend Neels Visser and the worldwide sensation Lucky Smith, but also social media stars such as Cameron Dallas who actually opened up the show, the caribbean king, Christian Bendek and Carlo Sestini, but it doesn't stop there, bloggers and influencers also walked for the brand names such as, Romin Costa, Marcel Floruss and Pelayo Diaz. Youtubers also held the spotlight, Marcus Butler and Jim Chapman where also part of the show. Enough about names, now that that you probably identified some if not all of this names, lets get to the actual fashion.

Cameron Dallas
Pelayo Diaz

Neel Visser

Carlo Sestini

Marcus Butler

Marcel Floruss

 Christian Bendek

Sergio Carvajal

Jim Chapman

 Lucky Smith

Presley Gerber

Other then the mayor exposure the show got on social media world wide, the fashion was really on point, though lately very extravagant and too "flamboyant" for my taste, this time the pieces were quite "demure" stylish and classic cuts in classic tones with a few colorful elements here and there of course but very "sober" overall. Exquisite confection of course and much attention to detail.


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