#MusicMondays Lemonade : Beyonce

"I was served lemons, but I made lemonade" -Hattie White

Where do I even start... Beyonce yet again proves, what true artistry looks and sounds like. Last time she gave us a preview of what she was capable of and you better know by now that Queen B is not just a chameleon and game changer, she is what a true artist looks like, she makes her worth be palpable and as present as it can be in all she does.

This time she made some 'Lemonade" at first I thought what kind of name is this?, but then it all made sense. As you can read in this article's opening quote, and you can hear her in an extract in the song "Freedom" in the record, it's pretty self explanatory and simple, I don't need to go into much detail here.

Now let's get into the record, there has been a lot of controversy around the record right from the start. First Beyonce graced us all with the anthem "Formation" a song not only for women empowerment, but also a very cultural and historic tune. The song has several cultural references to the african american history, especially related to women but, very "global" in its approach to the many injustices this particular sector of the population has suffered. While many (most) praised her and got into formation with her both metaphorically and physically others judged her and the police even felt offended after a fashion statement was made during the super bowl half time show, but that was only the begging. After her announcement that the album would be premiered during an HBO special, that's when people, fans and haters alike started to get truly exited.

During the HBO special Queen B showed an hour length short film with previews of the album's content, a true master piece I most add, if you missed it, you truly missed out, but do not panic, you can still get it, yes, you can purchase a copy of it with the album, and yes you should get it. 

Beyonce not only changes the way that records are made, she changes the way they are displayed, merchandised and distributed. In this record Beyonce tells a full length love story, that's the way I describe it, a story about betrayal and the many stages you face whilst on the struggle of making it work, on route to reconciliation but a love story non the less. Beyond all the rumours behind this record, for obvious reasons, and whether they are true or not, the album is a true master piece both visually on sound wise, the album has pretty much it all, it has infusions from several music genres, from the brilliant rock infused "Don't Hurt Yourself" feat Jack White, to the Jazzy, Folk "Freedom" feat Kendrick Lamar and many other great infusions; I'm telling you, I thought I like my infusions in tea only, but this "Lemonade" made me see otherwise.

I'm not giving to much away, and I don't want to, but trust me you want this record in your library, it is a true master piece. You should really get the copy that has the visual version, it will make it all have more of sense to it, but really the record is so self explanatory and it transitions so smoothly,it a story well told, or shall I say, a story well sang.


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