#MusicMonday Years & Years : Communion

Years and years, that's how long it feels like we've been waiting for this band...

This 3 boy British band formed in 2010 and has been on a steady pathway ever since. They have released several Singles along the years as well as some EP's, but it was their single: "King" that put them under the spotlight, reaching the N°1 spot in the UK music charts.

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On July 10th, the Brit Trio released their debut LP Titled: "Communion". A 17 song long record (Deluxe Version) that is without a doubt a masterpiece from start to finish. I can only describe their sound as: Fresh, Unique and Upbeat with just a pinch of darkness, melancholy and heartbreak. The lead singer (and keyboardist) "Olly" has a very unique, soft and captivating voice that is the perfect match to the band's overall sound.

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Their sound is upbeat overall, though the record does have some slower, down tempo ballads on it, and like I mentioned before there is a certain heartfelt melancholy element that surrounds most of the songs, but overall the record is very "dancy" the "Electropop" category would be the most appropriate for them if you are that type of person.

The record is quite good and you will most likely enjoy it from star to finish if this is your kind of music. My favorite songs on the LP are:

02. Real
03. Shine
04. Take Shelter
07. Ties *
08. King
09. Desire
12. Border
14. 1977
15. Ready For you (Acoustic)
16. I Want To Love

As you can see I'm pretty much obsessed with it all, but it really is quite good, "Ties" is probably my absolute favorite on the record followed closely by "King", "Real" and "Shine".

Anyway judge it by yourself, here are some videos for you to guys to check 'em out, hope you like them and Enjoy!


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