#MusicMondays: Iggy Azalea

Hey Sappers, hope you all have started this week with the right foot and lots of energy, if not, don’t panic, its only Monday and 98% of the world’s population has got the case of the “Mondays”  (myself included) so not to worry folks.
I mentioned before that I’ve been meaning to make a review of Iggy Azalea’s debut Record “The New Classic” which btw is very cleverly titled, if you have heard it you know what I mean, and if you haven’t heard it cause you’ve living under a rock or something, then here are some pointers.

I first discovered Iggy on one of my YouTube roaming nights (which I do whenever I’m very bored or just in need of some fresh new tunes) back in 2012, I came across this video called “Work” and I saw a pretty blond chick in the miniature so I said to myself: well hit play, you have nothing to lose, and of course I was right, at first it was a shock, cause I’m not much for any kind of hip-hop music, and I was much less attracted to it at the time of said discovery, and I honestly thought I would just be another poppy song. I thought I was kinda funny at first, her voice sounded funny to m, so yes I laughed the first few times I saw it, and then I texted a friend who likes that kind of music, and I was like: hey, listen to this I think you might like it… her reply was not encouraging, she was like: what the F* is that?, which got me cracking up and I continued replaying the video. After a while I discovered I actually liked it and later that night I found myself singing the song.

By now I’m pretty sure you all have heard the song since she became a rising star this year, becoming famous worldwide for her colab with British pop star Chalie XCX, whom I loooove and also discovered in a YouTube session of mine, but that story ill tell in a future post were I’ll review Charlie’s debut record “True Love” so stay tuned for that.
Anyways back to Iggy. After replaying the video “Work” over and over aging I started searching info on Iggy, which is faze number two of my said YouTube sessions… after I read the few info I could find, I searched for more videos of Iggy on YouTube, found some other cool songs she had made which had very interesting videos, and at some point I thought, wait this chick is actually really cute, but that voice and that “behind” don’t match at all, it didn’t make sense; so I came across some modeling videos, her in photoshoots for some magazines, some interviews and I came to like her even more, her voice of the mic was soft and delicate and her personality was very charming.


After a long while she finally came up with her debut album “The New Classic” earlier this year which I completely loooove!!! Why the new classic?, well, cause she is a rapper, she’s not trying to be anything she’s not, but she definitely is making a new and personal  mark in the hip hop industry, she’s the classic with the new proposal, a fresh new face and voice, that has taken the world by storm in the past few months.
The record is amazing from start to finish, “Walk the Line” is the first single, and she literally takes you down the road in a  3:39 song, then we have “Change Your Life” featuring her mentor and friend T.I, then the song that gave her, her stardom “Fancy” feat Charlie XCX , the song that has become an anthem worldwide, of course “Work” the song that kinda started it all, even though she had made some mix tapes before and an EP.  Then come my personal favorites: “Impossible Is Nothing” were she tells the world everyone can do it and encourages young people to pursue their dreams just like she did, “Goddess” follows, then “Black Widow” feat Rita Ora, which also became a single later in the year, and the song that I instantly clicked with and the very first one I replayed, then comes “Lady Patra”, “Fuck Love” and “Bounce” all very upbeat and dancy if you will.
The first time I heard the record was while I was on a road trip, so I had blasted the volume and was fully focused, listening to it the whole way, and it gave me goose bumps, really, it did, it was so good the first time that I had it on replay the whole way, I heard the whole record from start to finish at least 3 times, and I loved it instantly, it is catchy, fresh and unique in every way, there’s no one out there like Iggy, her music is just really one of its kind, a definite must have in your iTunes libraries.

Iggy has proven she can be very high fashion but also she can go down low ( after all she's from the land down under... Australia) wishing her a steady and prosperous career and I cannot wait to hear her future work, which apparently wont be long, since she is releasing a repack of "The New Classic" later on.

And a final Note... Ana... I.G.G.Y put her name in VOGUE!


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