"A Dream In Malaysia" By Miguel Chong | Estilo Moda '17, Day 1

And what a dream it was... 

"A Dream In Malaysia", is renown Honduran designer: Miguel Chong, Latest collection. Chong, who recently traveled to the asian country the collection is inspired by, Malaysia; to represent Honduras at an International Fashion Show, no doubt, wasted no time whilst on his trip; like he mentioned on a personal note on his social media to his close friend and Estilo magazine's editor in chief: Blanca Bendeck; this trip was "a dream come true" for the designer and gladly we all got to live his dream for a few minutes on the runway show.

A collection filled with texture, color and glamour. "A Dream in Malaysia" was the designer's interpretation of modern couture inspired by asian elements. The rich embroidery, the costume and majestic threaded fabrics, along with fine tailoring that characterize the designer, gave the audience the show of a life time. Having so much experience on his bag, this may come as no surprise to many, yet I was so pleasantly surprised, and my I confess: blown away by this collection, mainly because I was not expecting it, but also because once again, Chong proves what it really means to be a couture designer and provide an audience and clientele with fine and stylish garments that make them stand out.

Whilst influenced by the very traditional asian culture, the collection was no less modern. The garments were youthful and contemporary, both symmetrical and asymmetrical cuts could be seen on several pieces as well as many "à la mode" crops and stylish tailoring elements such as the use of transparencies, mesh, drapery, fringe and elongated features. Seem-less layering and and oversized jackets gave the collection a fresh, "hip" appeal, whilst fringe and feather appliqués gave some other pieces a more mature look.

Embroidery and rich fabrics brightened up the entire collection, silky, satin pieces with a more demure and classic appeal walked down the runway as the collection turned a bit more mature, yet never losing the contemporary strand of it all, and this was precisely on of my favorite things about this collection (other then the obvious appealing components of course), the fact that the designer was able to make a collection with such rich, classic and lets call it "folky" features and managed to make statement pieces, both modern and noteworthy alike. sober yet memorable, something that most not be overlooked or taken for granted, Chong really made us part of  his dream (or at least me, for sure) and this was a dream I wouldn't mind reliving over and over.

There's nothing else, but to congratulate Mr. Chong on this collection and his well deserved success on his career. Bravo! looking forward to your future work, Kudos!

All Photos by Daniel Mendoza © for Estilo Magazine, Estilo Moda '17 ® 


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