"My Sweet Darkness" by Morena Perpetua | Estilo Moda '17 Day 1

Hello Sappers! we meet again, this time I have a lot coming your way. This past few days have been very cramped and I hadn't had the time to publish anything on the blog, but I'm catching up, and I really do have lots to tell you about. First and foremost, of course, we'll talk about "Estilo Moda"'17.

Estilo Moda '17 took place this past October, two days, where the best of the Honduran fashion was showcased in all it's magnificent splendor. Hosted by "Estilo" Magazine at the "Honduras Maya" Hotel convention center and produced by "Crea Moda", Estilo Moda was a huge success from beginning to end. There is a lot to cover, so I decided to do individual posts about every collection showcased during "Estilo Moda" '17. 

This year was the second edition of "Estilo Moda" and the expectations were high, and on every turn, every expectation was surpassed. The organisation was in charge of "Crea Moda" and every detail was taken into account, not leaving any spec to chance. The Scenario this year was a mix between an industrial vide and nature clash. Metallic structures wore placed in the middle of the venue, surrounded by a "U" shaped runway, upholstered with a wooden boards like paper and as a background to the runway was a wall full of overgrown plants.

The shows got kicked of with the much awaited designer duo "Morena Perpetua", who gave the show the perfect kick start with their hauntingly wicked stylish collection: "My Sweet Darkness" 

Like the name suggests, the collection was filled with blacks, and let me tell you, darkness never looked so good. Satins, silks, laces and tulle were the fabrics of choice. A combination of classic shapes and fits, with a mix of contemporary asymmetrical cuts and tailoring details, gave the collection it's resonance and modern appeal. 

The  merge between the femininity of the delicate fabrics, and the classiness of the color black along the "roughness" of the leather details, like belts and gloves, made the perfect composition for this collection. The Morena Perpetua duo gave us a glimpse into their Sweet Darkness and we love every second of it. The show was a spectacle on itself, the designers really thought of every detail, and the music was a major hit, playing in the back were a mix a classic rock songs well known to the audience, and you couldn't help but sing along and rock on.

The designers kept the line of design from their previous collection, shown at this same event last year, and that is something I personally want to applaud, as very few designers know or sustain that concept. In general this was the perfect start for this event, and one hard to forget, this was no doubt one of my favorite collections and it set up the standard for the rest of shows. Huge shout out and my most sincere congratulations to this creative duo! Kudos!

All Photos by Daniel Mendoza © for Estilo Magazine, Estilo Moda '17 ® 

Collection: "My Sweet Darkness" by Morena Perpetua


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