Mary Ann Kafati | Fashion Week Honduras '17 #BCFWH17

Kafati took us on a a glamorous, sophisticated, elegant show. Volume, ruffles, comfort fitted garments and elongated details in tailoring, make Kafati's collection a must on every fashionista wardrobe and a statement on the Honduran fashion archives.

From beautiful dresses with light summery fabrics that seemed to move on their on accord, to garments with classic cuts and edgy tailoring details that give the pieces their contemporary appeal, Kafati continues to impress us with her genius designs. Garments for a modern confident woman, not afraid to make a statement. Pieces that come from a retro inspiration stand point, no doubt, yet brought to our times with intricate details in tailoring, like extra elongated features, oversized elements, both symmetric and asymmetric cuts. Feminine, elegant, modern, Kafati's collection is a true master piece from start to end, each garment on it's on accord, the attention to detail and the impecable tailoring puts the designer in the spotlight yet again, promising a long and prosper career.  


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