Lawin Paz | Fashion Week Honduras '17 #BCFWH17

For the closure of Fashion Week honduras '17, Day two, local designer: Lawin Paz, gave a audience a peek into his personal life. "Villa Xerez" was the tittle for this, his latest collection. The name makes reference to a place from his childhood in his beloved place of origin "Choluteca", a place in the southern part of Honduras.

This ethereal display was his interpretation of his reminiscences and his own personal homage to the place that molded him. White was color of choice, beautiful enlaced details could be seen in the garments. A "relaxed" and feminine collection, with soft "windy" fabrics and peplum, voluminous features. Retrospective yet fashionable and trendy, Paz's introspective vision payed off for everyone's delight.   


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