Fashion Week Honduras, Day 1 #BCFWH17

Hello Sappers! This past week has been quite hectic, lost of things to do to get ready for Fashion Week Honduras. Celebrating it's 10th Year Anniversary, Fashion Week Honduras kicked off on Tuesday September 26th at the "Spain Cultural Center", This was only the first venue to up uphold the first day of this fashion filled week.

We witnessed several portrayals and expressions of art and fashion. From fabulous clothing to beautiful leathery goods and of course gorgeous pieces of hand crafted jewellery. It was a show to remember for sure.

First off Beirn (bern) The designer gave the audience a kaleidoscopic collection of fine leather goods of all colors and sizes and textures. The "Croc" texture was the most predominant throughout the entire collection. The bags went from the big statement bags to smaller carryons and cross-body bags. 
Colorfull and retro in a way, this collection had a piece for everyone.

Next up, is Claudia Lopez Jewellery. The designer gave the audience an "Egyptian" sort of collection, filled with statement pieces. The play of golden tones and ceruleans was quite exquisite, pieces that catch the eye without being too much. Simple and sophisticated, the jewels are the perfect add on to any minimal look.

Up next, the exquisite "Ecojoyeria", This collection entitled "Celeste" blew the crowd away, stunning, statement pieces, that definitely catch the eye and make a mark. This time we got to see the designer expand the range of jewels to bags, simple yet astonishing bags that are the perfect statement piece every gal needs. This nebulous, semiprecious stone encrusted pieces, are simply perfect and timeless, a definite must and every fashionista jewel box, their flowery shapes and colors took us to a magical garden of fairy princesses.

Last, but definitely not least, the man of the night "Jerry Carcamo" The designer gave the audience his remark on "Girl Power". A collection for a modern woman filled with confidence and allure, ready to take the world on her on accord. A collection filled with color and transparencies, asymmetric shapes and classic cuts. Modern and sophisticated with retrospective elements, Jerry Carcamo leaves his mark once more on the Fashion books and most definitely our minds and closets! Bravo!


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