Yoyo Barrientos 25 Years

This past Thursday, March 23, The one and only Eulogio "Yoyo" Barrientos, commemorated his 25 year trajectory in Honduran Fashion, Not only is he one of the biggest fashion designers in Honduras, but also one the greatest most celebrated and more experienced in terms of fashion design. Thankfully I and several other people got to be part of this celebration of  one of the biggest Honduran Fashion Icons, a celebration were history, love and of course lots of fashion were in the air.

The collection it self was stunning and impeccable in every way, Barrientos, whom since last year has been undergoing a rebranding and reinventing himself, has been doing things right in every aspect of the word. This collection which was a celebration to his career and to fashion itself, was truly a sight to be seen, from the choices in fabrics and color, to the intricate and marvellous embroidery details and structural appliqués. The collection reminded me of a modern fairly tale in paris, lovely satin and organzas, transparencies, embroidery asymmetric cuts and patterns, a combination between modern avant-garde and the classical cuts.  

There were more then 50 models who walked down the runway, which took place in the parking lot tower of Multiplaza Mall, it was transformed into a "garden"of sorts which provided the perfect scenario, here I'd also like to acknowledge the brilliant montage and execution of "Crea Moda" the people in charge of the production and execution of the event. 

There were of course more than 50 pieces, both gown and suits for men. The collection seamlessly and gradually evolved in both color and shape, from asymmetric mid length dresses to more structured ones. As for the fellas the evolution was more accentuated in texture and color, both brilliantly executed and impeccable confection. 

Many gowns had very intricate asymmetric patterns or cuts that modernised more classical shapes and the embroidery work on some was simply stunning, worthy of any red carpet or gala around the world. The use of transparencies in some dresses was impeccable and structures appliqués on others added a unique touch to make statement pieces right there and then. I mentioned paris before, and even though I've personally never been, but from what I've seen and gathered from watching Parisian designers and collections, I kept thinking Paris, my mind kept going back to Paris and to Valli, perhaps for the familiarity in the use of transparencies and embroidery and the asymmetry and that fairy tale - princess like effect. Barrientos once again shows and proves why he is a household name.

A new development was the inclusion of attire for children, every so often there would be a "princess" walking along side her smaller version, which was a really nice touch to the collection proving that the designer can really and is willing to do it all.

Elegant, contemporary, impeccable and timeless, this was truly a marvellous collection from start to finish, Yoyo as people call him lovingly, gave us an amazing show, and pieces that will go down in history, truly remarkable pieces that will transcend.

There's really nothing much left to say, but to congratulate Mr. Barrientos on this amazing show and his 25 years or hard work and beautiful collections, Thank you Yoyo for your dedication and passion and your contribution to the history of fashion in this beautiful country that saw you grow and will continue to embrace you and your magnificent work! Bravo!


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