LCM 2017

London Men Collections this year brought in a kaleidoscopic scenario for the upcoming season. The empire shows why they hold crown, several designers showcased their collections in this much anticipated Fashion Week dedicated to Menswear, were we saw an exquisite showdown of soberness and minimalism that fit the modern men. Stylish, Sharp and classic, most of the designers bet for the minimal approach and simple cuts for a more sharp and trendy overall look.

Oliver Spencer



Predominantly we see that elements such as oversized pieces (which proves my earlier theory, oversized is not going anywhere for a while) and neutral tones with a splash of color. Also we see the "sporty" trend still in place, this relaxed fits and easy to wear garments for the modern gent always on the go and trendy. Layering is always a "thing" specially for the Brit's, but come on don't we all love it!

Casely Hay - Ford

J.W Anderson

There were not as many prints rather then some very subtle ones and a bit of embroidery, mostly the collections were very "sober"and casual, the color paled as usual for the season also on the colder side. Accessories were a must for several designers, bags and belts and many other elements that did not go unnoticed and made a statement of their own, several "must have" items were on display on various shows.

Ben Sherman

The Modern Gatsby

Top Man is always a breath of fresh air, and this time definitely wasn't the exception, like a cool summer breeze, Top Man gave us what I like to describe as "The Modern Gatsby". If Gatsby were to happen on this era this what I figure it would be like

 Top Man

Neat pastels and earthy tones, classic cuts and sharp designs that take us back in time, yet the minimalist and simplicity puts this collection in the present time, apt for the modern gent with a taste for the classic details. Short, short, the classic english sweater, high waisted pants, Blazers, its all very english and retro and we love it!

 Top Man

Did you notice the shoes yet? I definitely did, an adaptation I'd like to say of the classic oxford and the very comfortable Nautical shoe, which is the perfect combination for this unique piece of footwear.

The Grungy Kid...

There's always the rocker, grungy kid at school, and this it was surprisingly Coach, the "outcast" of the class. Whereas Coach is always the preppy kid, seems like he's going through phase, now don't get me wrong, the collection is so well executed and put together that they of course got away with it, a new proposition from the brand from its more classic and usual image.


Leather of course a big statement on this collection, lots of blacks and contrasting red highlights, punk elements, graphic T's, all very late 80's early 90's, a new and different and exiting side for the brand. Of course bags were a big part of the show, as it is now a signature element for Coach.


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