Missoni Mens AW'16 (MFW)

Autumn Hippie chic.

Missoni likes to put on a show and just like last year, the runway was a seasonal scenario, a leafy autumnal scenario that served well the propose for the showcase of its latest AW'1 Menswear collection.

This collection screamed Autumn and Winter all around, from the montage to the garments themselves, knitted pieces marched down the runway effortlessly in perfect display. From knitted sweaters and cardigans to more elaborated jackets and blazers, all in a very casual and simplistic approach. 

The retro vibe was very much present, not only in the knitted element itself, but also in the colors, earthy and pastel tones governed the collection, almost blending completely with the leafy background, yet making sure every last piece wasn't overshadowed by the setup, and rather making the statement ever more present. 

The bohemian element was also a very palpable one, the color and the linear vertical knit contributed most to said element, and the fringed scarves, that I loved most,gave the collection a youthful bohemian approach. Even in between so much retro elements the collection is quite modern, youthful and quite seasonal indeed.


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