LCM (London Collections Men) AW16 Day 3

J.W Anderson

I'll take two of each please... Anderson is not one to disappoint, this collection is one of my favorites from day 3, a perfect combination between artistry and trending elements. Perfectly structured, oversized knitted sweaters, abstract printed coats and silky fabrics, make this collection a definite must have. Not for an everyday feel, but more for the daring fashionistas, who are not afraid to make a trend set. Color was mostly bright and neutral with some opaque blacks, navy's and grey's and a pop of color at the bottom with the orange - crimson ish shoes. Statement pieces no doubt, all of them.

Margaret Howell

Classic and retro... people in the fashion industry say fashion is all about looking forward, but more often rather then not we see collections inspired in a certain decade or element from the past... That is the case for the collection of Margaret Howell, not that the prior is a bad thing, he have seen it done before and so we have again this season, as you can remember from day 2, E. Tautz also implemented this 70's trend in particular to his collection and let me just be clear, I love it!. I'm talking about the tied up scarfs of course, that Howell also includes in her minimal AW '16 collection. This collection is probably my favorite from day 3, the minimal and retro vibe and the slightly oversized pieces had me at hello. 

Richard James

Classic with a contemporary edge, that's how I describe James's AW'16 collection. Classic pieces with contemporary elements and colors that give it that current and modern vibe. Perfectly tailored suits and fitted coats give the collection that expensive and elegant look, and the colors give it the modern twist that makes it more appealing to the younger demographic. The perfect mixture between classic and modern.

Christopher Raeburn

Easy does it... Simplicity is a key element when it comes to fashion, and it might seem simple but it's actually quite a complicated thing to achieve, but Raeburn shoes us that not only is simplicity a key but the best element to have. He's collection is current, fresh, contemporary and modern all in one. simple sweaters with linear patterns, bomber jackets and lightweight bigger coats for those chillier days. Colors are pretty much the same selection we have seen so far, from never boring black to emerald green. A collection for the young fashionistas that like the simple thing that make a statement on their own.


Chalk... couldn't help but remember my youthful days when I did chalk paintings... Moschino's Models looks like they came straight from a chalky playroom, now, Moschino is no stranger to pushing the boundaries and outside the box thinking, this collection however is quite, ordinary for say, its really very conservative if you will for what we are used to see from Moschino, lost of bomber jackets, simple suits and cosy coats, were the predominant on the runway, so other then the not so ordinary colors and prints, its just really a very common collection, still it's daring in its own field mostly predominated by neutral colors, this is for sure the rainbow over the cloudy day. 


Modern boy... Day3 was all about statement pieces and modern, contemporary collections, each day has had its on characteristic "element"so far, and day 3's has been the earlier mentioned. Truthfully, simplicity has been the major ruler of the shows so far, this modern, contemporary vibe has me going. The feminine and somewhat retro influence makes for perfect current statement pieces that are the perfect portrayal of the modern men. 
Pieter who has always this kind of simplistic approach, does it again, his collection with perfectly tailored, fitted pants and slim fit shirts and sweaters and linear coats, make a perfect collection for the younger demographic. The inclusion of leather makes it even more youthful and manly and the pop of red gives it a sort rebellious feel, that the young intrepid fashionista looks for.


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