#CFWH15 Credomatic Fashion Week Honduras 2015 Day 2

Hello guys! a lot of my posts start this way but it means no disrespect for you guys, please know that, I just really haven't had the time to make posts in a while. The main reason being busyness and tiredness due to that busyness and some well deserved rest after all that.

Photo By Saul Larios - CFWH15  
As some of you may know I was selected as one of the official photographers this year for CFWH15, for which I would like to thank the people behind it and specially a shout out to Mrs. Fanne Medrano. I was a bit late to the event and could only cover the last two days of it, those being, September 3 and 4. The first day took place at Mall Multiplaza as usual and some of the brands like Dalilas's showcased their most recent collections there on Wednesday September 2nd. The second day took place in the magnificent building of "Museo Para la Identidad Nacional" in downtown Tegucigalpa. A personal dream come true of mine, if you have been in the museum and are a fashion lover you will understand why, in case you haven't and for my foreigner readers, this museum is a very colonial, antique, unique building (you can browse on previous posts to take a look at the place, I have posted it before) it's the perfect place for a fashion show, and I have always wanted to see one there. Well this year it happened and as expected it was a dream come true. 

The event started fashionably late (as per us) doors opened up around 7:00pm and the venue quickly started to fill up, once everyone was properly seated the shows started. The first one down the runway was the collection G.I.A.N by designer Gian Padilla, who presented a beautiful kaleidoscopic collection, very colorful prints took over the runway, beautiful cuts and simple.

Next was the collection from Ms. Emily Daccarett, the new up and coming designer presented her dark collection called "Mi Inspiracion" a very dark collection in all sense of the word, it was all black walking down the runway, very wichcraft-ish, stunning non the less, simple and elegant cuts and shapes governed said collection, sheers and velvety fabrics were very much present on it, probably the most extent collection of them all. we will be hearing about this designer in the future, looking forward to what she has to offer.

Next was one of my favorites, and actually the one I was looking forward the most to see, I'm talking about Mr. Lawin Paz, the up and coming designer debuted last year in CFWH14 at Mall Multiplaza and I was amazed by his collection, and this year he did not disappoint. The collection entitled "Jacintas" which was a name that already caught my attention, was a bi color collection, blacks and whites, with fitted tops and flowy, puffy skirts and dresses, it was really stunning and breathtaking, very demure and it screamed beauty all the way. To top it all off, he paired up with Jewelry designer Monica Sevilla who presented her jewelry collection "Flora" along with Paz's collection, and let me tell you it was the perfect match, it made perfect sense and one complemented the other perfectly.

After that it was turn for the now very well known Mr. Tirso Rubio, this season he titled his collection "Exordio" it was a beautiful, contemporary collection, asymmetric and youthful cuts were all over the collection, it was a match between black and bright colors. the only designer to showcase some menswear in his collection, and like in previous collections, I loved it! it was a ready to wear collection in every sense of the word, I wanted to wear several pieces straight of the runway. A must definitely.

Finally to close with a flourish it was time to see the heavy anticipated collection from Aldo Marccuci, who titled this collection "Meduse". A no brainer, the collection was inspired by the sea creatures by which it is named. Yet again another brilliant collection from the designer, it was filled with whites and pinks and lot of texture, as you might expect, the fabrics were very light and appeared the be very breathable, there were mostly paired, two pieces ensembles, it was just magnificent, Marccuci is not one to disappoint. Bravo!

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