#MusicMondays : Hayley Kiyoko


Singer and songwriter, Hayley Kiyoko, makes her way to the music scene with her sultry voice and enchanting tunes. The 23 y/o offers and indie, electro pop mixture; catchy melodies, anthem-able lyrics and a very soft, captivating voice with just the right high pitch for that pop-ish feeling. This, along with her unique and exotic fetching looks will have you glued to your headphones or screens listening to this up an coming artist. 


"This Side Of Paradise" is the tittle of her debut EP, also the tittle of one of the five songs that make this compilation. The EP has an upbeat, catchy electro pop start, it evolves to a more indie/electro, yet still very catchy pop rhythm when the two singles from the EP come up: "Girls Like Girls" and "This Side Of Paradise" to finish with a band with the song "Feeding The Fire"


"This Side Of Paradise" is by far my favorite song, and actually the one that got me into her in the first place; it is a catchy indie pop song that I very much relate to... Long story short the song's about bad luck at romance... needless of further explanation, the song is quite good, not only the catchy melody and the relatable lyrics, but the whole concept behind it and work put into it. Kiyoko's voice is very soft and inviting and the lyrics simply start to roll over by the second time you play the song. "Girls Like Girls" has a similar tone, once again a catchy indie rhythm and a bit of a dancy feel, this one has bit of current "theme" going on with the whole sexuality thing, which I'm pretty sure you can guess whats it is just by reading the tittle of the song, but needless of the controversy the song is very good. Kiyoko who is also an actress debuted as a Director as well for the making of the music video for this particular song, and must I say she proves to be quite multi talented.

But Enough talk, have a listen for your self...



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