#MusicMondays : Hailee Steinfeld

http://www.billboard.com/files/styles/promo_650/public/media/hailee-steinfeld-dani-brubaker-2015-billboard-650.jpgPhoto: Billboard.com

You are probably wondering who is this girl?... well you might have seen her in blockbuster films like "Ender's Game" or the very popular "Pitch Perfect 2" or perhaps you may know her from her recent appearances with her friend Taylor Swift... most likely this last one... 

Hailee Steinfeld, an actress who now ventures into the music industry with her debut single: "Love My Self"


As you may know, as I have mentioned it before, I often go to youtube and get lots in the "suggested" options, and this is the way I've done many of my musical finds, and this is one of those cases. I was actually looking at the Lana del Rey video for "High By The Beach" (which I may or may not get into in another post) and I just left a few videos pass by after that one until I got bored and actually looked at some of the options below, and so I came across her picture and I thought: wait... I've seen this girl... who is she?... and so I clicked it and let it play; after a few seconds I remembered her from "Enders Game" and also for her friendship with "she who most not be named" (Taylor Swift),  a few more seconds went by and the sound was interesting enough so I let it play... I came across the audio video first and I Love it! Love at first sound if you will, her voice is just something else. Then I saw below the actual video for the song and of course clicked it and boom! She had me at: Hey!...

For the sake of briefness I place only the actual video for you to see and listen to. The song is super catchy and youthful, a true pop anthem and not surprisingly enough a hit already, with just one week of its release, which was just a few days ago the Aug. 7th, 2015, and the video released on Aug. 14th, the song is already #1 in several charts and has to date, when I am writing this, just a few hours after the discovery (Aug 16th) almost 700,000 views on YouTube.

Words are really not necessary to describe this song, or at least for the hype of the moment I cant really find the proper ones to describe it but as you can listen for your self, the song is very catchy and energetic and has you singing and dancing round right away (don't deny it!, shame on you!) I really look forward to what she has to offer 'cause as of now it looks very promising.

Of course I had to do some research on the girl, it's not just "the Hype" of the moment. As I said before, her voice is just something else, she's really good and I was just blow away with her, listen to this now, here's her "acoustic" duet with Shawn Mendes of His single "Stitches"

With her being an actress and all I understand she had to have a good diction and all, but honestly did you hear that?!, she's just amazing! quite remarkable really, her tone of voice, her diction and her pitch are just perfect! (Pun Totally intended)

Anyways I'll leave you to your duties now, have a good one peeps, Enjoy!

'Till next time ;)


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