PFW Haute Couture Pt 1

This collection at first reminded me very much of a very well known lady... I'm talking about miss Anna Winthour, if you have seen the documentary movie "The September Issue" you might know what I'm talking about. This jackets are very Winthour like. The collection is very old fashioned over all, no doubt its mean for a mature demographic, but it has some pieces in it that might appeal to a younger market.
A very delicate colletion with lots of attention to detail. Pretty much monotone colors with sightnings of sparkles and sequis of course. I would say its a redefiniton of a classic, a new take on a classic/vintage side of Chanel, this collection says Lagerfeld all over it!
Boho Chic...
I would say this collection is for that bohemian stylish woman of the modern days, lots of light fabrics, transparencies, all kind of faire like if you will, with additions of big coats the give the gardments that modern touch.

Elie Saab
Collections from Elie Saab are usally very ethereal and very delicate, and this Haute Couture collection is not the exception. if you have been following the development from the Haute Couture collections from the past season tou will see that the development has been very clean and there "story line"has been kept very well. This collection remindme of princesses in the middle ages, there are lots of details that suggest the influences or inspiration from the midle ages seen on this collection, such ah the puffy shoulder pads, the crowns the light soft fabrics, and colors.
As usual the Saab approch is very delicate and princess like, you can see this in the usage of very soft, light fabrics, femenine colors, intricate embroidery and very soft wavy hair and make up.
No doubtedly a timeless collection and one that every woman on earth would like to have at least one of this gowns in her closet.
Beautiful indeed



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