#asappspots Mango Tango Yogurt Café

Hello Sappers! how´s everybody doing?! hope all of you are having a great week so far!

Today I'll be talking about one of my favorite places to go to. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you'll be fairly familiar with the place 'cause I go a lot and post a lot of pictures :p and for those of you who don't (Do! JK only if you want to ;) )

Anyways by the tittle of this post you can tell what I'll talking about, it's of course Mango Tango, a Yogurt Café that opened up about a year and half ago (or so) and ever since I tried it for the first time I haven't been able to stop going. it's delicious and a healthy choice over other "traditional" café's, its a great enviroment, the service is great as well and the quality of the product is just amazing.

It's a perfect place to chill out, you can also go and hang with friends or family, it has a good lounge vide to it and patio (my favorite site) that's very Feng Shui -ish, very relaxing to be in, enjoying a frozen yogurt or a delicious pastry's or something else from the variety available from the menu.

...Talking about the menu, Mango Tango has many things to offer, you can go from (of course) frozen yogurt, they make all kinds of flavors which vary from time to time, the "original" or natural flavor (my favorite), chocolate, vanilla among other fruit flavors, all very good and now they also have Greek Yogurt, which is also great! They have many toppings or ingredients you can add to your yogurt like fruits or chocolate and other sweets and syrups.

There are other things on the menu thought, pastry's like: lemon pie, tiramisu, macarrones, strawberry shortcake, etc. They also make sandwiches and soups, smoothies, yogurt and water based (highly recommended), coffee's, tea's, etc. So in other words there's pretty much an option for everyone.

It's a great place to go, I LOVE IT! and highly recommend it, promise you, you'll like it. it's located in Tegucigalpa in Boulevard Morazan, Right next to the Domino's Pizza, in front of the Los Castaños Mall


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