#Music Monday:Tove Lo

Ebba Tove elsa Nilsson aka Tove Lo is a up and coming artist from Sweden, she’s a singer, songwriter and musician. She started her career in 2012; her first release was her song “Love Ballad”, and then released several singles throughout 2013. Her worldwide popularity began with a remix from “Hippie Sabotage” of her song “Habits (Stay High) in early 2014.

She debuted her “EP”, “Thruth Serum” in March 2014, which features 6 songs, including her hit single “Habits”. The EP and her songs in general speak about love, heartbreaks and such, her music style is indie electro pop, her voice is very unique and captivating, this EP is very promising and we will surely be seeing her around the popular music charts.

Check out her single “Habits”  


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