Press Play:Disclosure


A little alternative never killed nobody…
That’s why this week’s artist suggestion is the fast growing English band “Disclosure”,and trust me you’ll not want any closure here; this electro-pop alternative brother duet comes to the musical scene with a really interesting musical proposal, I first heard the band around November 2012, with the single: “Control” a really cool song with house, electro vibes on it but still very alternative, I mean not really as pop-ish or electronic as all other commercial bands out there, if you are into the new wave kinda thing and really into alternative vibe like me you’ll sure enjoy this band.

They first stepped into the music scene in 2010, they have been releasing singles here and there ever since, but it was the hit single “Latch” that took them to “stardom”status, they are still what you would call an underground kinda band but its fan base its very fast growing around the world.
My personal favorite singles are: “Control” which has a really cool electro vibe and its really fashion and chic in a way… and “Latch” which is pretty interesting and cool itself. They’re single “London Town” is quite good also, plus it describes my wanting to go the British capitol in a perfect line: “I want to be in London…”
The band released their first full record “Settle” the past June, in 2013. I was waiting for this record for quite a while and it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, they still have this cool unique sounds but the record somehow didn’t make sense to me, but I still fully suggest you take a listen to this duo (in case you haven’t yet) its really hip and unique.

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