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Too Young To Be Expirienced

Like I say in my bio I’m a very simple guy, I like simple things, especially when it comes to fashion, like Anna Wintor always says: “Less is more” and even Leonardo Da Vinci Said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

That being said simplicity is not so simple it is actually one of the hardest things to achieve, (you can quote me on that one later on ;)), when it comes to assembling a look, you got to do 3 essential things: first you got to know your body, second, you got to know what suits you, and third you got to know the outfit or the clothes complement you it’s not the other way around, you have to love and own what your wearing.

Alright so for my first look I’m going to do a little cheating, I’ll explain why…

This was actually shoot a few years ago, but the trend is still very redundant, plus I really like it :P and I haven’t changed that much…

Glasses by Carrera
Skull T', Vest, Jean And Shoes by Zara
Leather Bracelet by Kedco


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