Book Worm:Insurgent

Insurgent, by Veronics Roth / Cover art by Amy Ryan and Joel Tippie

It’s already been three months, boy does time fly by…
March is upon us and with it a new book for you guys dive into, for this month we have a follow up to my January suggestion, I’m taking about the sequel to the “Divergent”saga, “Insurgent”, the second book to the series.
In case you guys didn’t read the previous book “Divergent” I strongly suggest of course that you read it, the adaptation for this book into a motion picture is expected to be released later on March this year (2014), so you still have plenty of time to catch up, the book is only 487 pages, and it’s a very easy and fast read, you’ll be turning pages trust me
“Insurgent”is the sequel in this saga and it continues the story between “Tris” the main character in the series and the rest of the implicates; sorry I’m not being so descriptive here but I’m trying not to do any spoilers here. If you did read “Divergent”you’ll know what I’m talking about and you’ll for sure want to read what’s next (if you haven’t started already). And if you haven’t, well it’s your loss ;P
So go on time to turn pages!


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